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Documentary Collections - International Trade Videos

If you want to expand your business and start selling internationally, this video is for you. It elaborates on what is a collection and how it can help you expedite the payment.  In this interactive video you will learn when it is appropriate to use documentary collection, what to include in your trade contract, and how buyers and sellers split their costs and obligations under this type of payment.   

Guarantees - International Trade Videos

To expand your business and get new clients and deals, you need to prove your trustworthiness.  A bank guarantee is a great instrument to help you here.  Watch this interactive video to learn how bank guarantees can help both buyers and sellers, what you need to arrange for it, and how you can make a claim under your counterpart's guarantee.

Incoterms - International Trade Videos

Buyers and sellers worldwide use special coding system to arrange splitting cost of shipment, responsibilities, and point of delivery - international commercial terms, or simply Incoterms.  Watch this interactive video to review each Incoterm and learn what factors to consider to arrange an Incoterm for your deals.

Letters of Credit - International Trade Videos

If you are a new buyer in the international deal, this video is for you.  It explains what is a letter of credit and how you can make your best use out of it.  In this interactive video you will learn when it is good to use letters of credit as a convenient payment instrument, how to open your letter of credit, how to explain to your counterpart what s/he is expected to do under this international payment method.

Turn Your Sales Leads into Purchases

This tool is designed to help you analyze leads and identify strong prospects. Score your leads to evaluate your leads’ need for your product or service.


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